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To Fathers From Heaven

To Fathers From Heaven:

I, Jehovah God, AM THE

Provider, Guider, Friend, Teacher Discipline Deliverer,

Covenant Maker, Love Sustainer, Mercy Displayer, Life Elevator, Sin

Forgiver, and Generous Embracer,

I have chosen human vessels as conduits to pour these and many more

of my attributes upon the children of this age.

Those vessels are called FATHERS and the responsibility is great.

Fathers of humanity remember your Place,

Reflect my Face,

Set the homeward journey's enduring Pace,

On this day we give you honor,

Have a Happy Father's Day

As you stand Courageous and Victorious

In My Strength and Grace....

Rev Eddie King

Master, carest thou not...?

"Master, carest thou not...?"

And our Savior would say, 

"Never do I sleep, never do I slumber,

Never am I slack, no need to ever wonder,

Never surprised am I, for I have already been where you are, 

Never can mine ears not hear, for I am never far, 

Never am I weak or overwhelmed,

For I Am the I Am and I stand fast at your ship's helm, 

Never do I not comfort, never am I not torn,

My heart broke at Calvary just as it breaks in your storms

I turned away from MY Child then, as He carried all man's sin

Never must I turn from my children again,

I hear the cries and see the fear, 

Never am I not there to dry the tears,

9/11, Katrina, Sandy Hook, Columbine, in Moore, Oklahoma too, 

I AM THE I AM and will not Forsake you!"


Praying for those impacted by the storms in Oklahoma,

--Heart Breaking--

 But I know that the Peace Speaker is there and will rise and speak peace to your STORM:



Love Rev Ed




HIS Threshing Floor

HIS Threshing Floor

The place to be visited if one wants More,

God's Harvest always comes through the threshing floor,

If it is God you seek,

Prepare to be threshed as wheat,

If you want change,

Separation must be obtained,

If you are at war,

Go to the threshing floor,

If you want rest,

Go to be threshed,

You can only give your best,

After you have been threshed,

Not for those unwilling His Word to keep,

The threshing floor is only for the humble and meek,

Chaff finds His Wrath there on the floor,

There, HIS righteous fruit finds itself covered,

protected, and diligently cared for,

ALL things made presentable to the Father--

There on HIS Threshing Floor.

Love Rev Ed 05/01/2013



?? KNOW WHY !!

My tears are flowing, I don't know why,

My heart carries a weight, no reason--no rhyme,

My Spirit is not anxious, I don't understand,

Are these symptoms of "letting go"--captured in Your Hand,

Joy unexplainable and peace I can't describe,

Being full, yet hungry--not satisfied,

My Savior inside me abundantly abides,

I have died and yet am now, more than alive,

Your overwhelming presence drives out all my fears,

All darkness flees, all pain disappears,

My thoughts have never been more clear,

I have cried out and HE has drawn near,

His Glory, His Love, His Mercy, His Forgiveness, His Word, He will His Child Not Deny,

My tears are flowing, I NOW KNOW WHY.

Love Rev Ed



I Beseech Thee

I Beseech Thee

Rain on me my Lord and King, Reign in me and over me sing,

Cover me Holy Spirit with Thy dove’s wing,

Surround me with Your Mighty Angels, swords ready to swing,

Grow me Grand Gardener, that sweet fruit I may bring,

Press out Thy Wine, make it worthy of Your tasting,

Renew my wineskin, prepare me for Thy New Wine infilling,

Enlighten my vision to see all those You See needing,

Empower me to pour out Thy Good upon the blind and suffering,

Fervently with and on Your Word let me be found praying,

Allow my tongue, Thy Glory and Praise constantly proclaiming,

My feet, in Your ordained steps walking, My hands, laid to

Thy Commandments ever doing, My eyes upon

Thy Presence, searching and gazing, My ears tilted and tuned,

Your Voice receiving, My heart in time with Thine, for Thee ever beating,

My spirit, nor my body, nor my mind to me Belonging,

Purchased am I, by Thy Son’s Blood Redeeming,

Oh, how I long for Thy Loving Face at last to be seeing,

I humbly repent at Thy Holiness and cry out

“I Beseech Thee, my Lord and my King!”

Love Rev Ed 04/18/2013



If one can see out an open window, then typically another can see in,

The portal gazed through has no say in where vision begins nor its end, 

A window, as it were, an opportunity to draw conclusions of what is, has, and is to be,

An unimpeded journey from our place of desire to a state of "now I see",

For my Lord and king had gazed into this Temple from afar, 

Longing, drawing, reflecting His light through the windows of my eyes deep into my heart, 

Now as my eyelids are open wide-no more closed shutters or blinds,

I focus my eyes upon my Savior being drawn by His grace I find He is right here with me-

He's been waiting all this time, 

Throw open your windows look and you will be amazed,

As you search for Life's answers, you will find yourself staring deep into-

into the Savior's Longing eyes that once claimed death but are now alive-for from death


Love, Rev Ed.


Jesus, He knows, family, ministry, work...

If I could not see, would Jesus look the same to me?

If I could not hear, how could His Words to my heart reach?

If I could not feel, would His touch impact me at all?

If I could not speak, how could I upon His name call?

Thankful, I am that my heart has four chambers deep within. Each made especially for Him.

One that cries out for Him night and day, even though my tongue may still and silent lie - One that listens

intently for His reply - One that longs for and receives His gently, loving touch - One that draws a portrait 

for my mind of His appearance, how His Glory is so bright and robust - So, thankful that those four 

chambers were so designed - If ever my senses I lose, I can still KNOW my Savior and He will still

know my heart and my mind.....

Love, Rev  Ed

Mine Eyes

Have seen beauty, but never beheld,

Have entertained visions, though never fulfilled,

Have looked to and fro for riches and fame, 

Only to behold temporary gain,

Have peered into the darkness searching for light,

Have found that seeing is not all there is to sight,


Focus now, not on earthly things, 

Now, are set on Eternity,

Are looking intently into His,

See His Grace, Love and Forgiveness,

Know not to look left or right, 

Upon Him are set - there is no other sight,


Are now able to:

Behold beauty ever the more near, 

Hold fast to visions without fear,

Seek the eternal gain,

Reflect the very light they once sought to merely obtain,

And have received revelations of the Way, the Truth, and the Life,

Gaze ahead at the Great Wedding with Christ the Groom and His Church the Bride.

Love, Rev Ed            



Blood must have ran down the angel’s hands,

As the covering was made for fallen man,

Blood must have flowed from injuries obtained,

While defending their fields that God forced them to on the plains,

Blood ran from the Altar of Stones that Noah obediently placed,

Giving thanks to God that he did not obliterate all the human race,

Blood was spilled many times in Abraham’s life,

For he worshiped and even was ready to give his son a sacrifice,

Blood was upon King David’s reign so great,

Desperately he wanted to build God’s house—but it would have to wait,

Blood was shed in many a battle for God’s Children—Israel,

Many a Sacrifice did they bring—although so tainted—God could no longer place His Loving Seal,

Blood rushed from the only True Sacrifice there could be,

Blood that could be found in the Judgment Hall, at the Whipping Post, and up that Hill called Calvary,

Blood that was precious, pure, and undefiled,

Blood that was generous, forgiving, in it there was nothing to revile,

Blood that was, is, and is to come—the Only Sacrifice—acceptable to the Father,

Blood prepared for before time—a River of Love that could only come from our Savior,

Oh, the Blood—without which there is no remission of sin,

Oh, the Blood—without it none could, Heaven, enter in.

Christ knew even before creation the great and glorious plan,

HE knew, continued, and never withdrew—For HE was the ultimate covering for fallen man.

Have a God Awesome, Jesus died for you, Day Love Rev Ed 11/11/2012

Blood is such a powerful force. It is life giving, life sustaining, without it there is no living. Blood was shed then, for freedom in eternity. Our ARMED SERVICES, shed blood now for physical freedom today. ARMED SERVICES OF AMERICA WE SALUTE YOU AND YOUR SACRIFICES MADE EVERY DAY. GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS THE USA


His Name

On the coldest, hardest night,

In the deepest, darkest hour,

Facing the evil devourer,

One re-course, one choice

One use of your voice,

Speak the Name, Cry out the Name,

Declare the Name, Whisper the Name,

JESUS, watch the Son Arise in Glory

HIS Name alters each and every Story.

Love Rev Ed



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